Charles Reid and The True Story of the Vanishing Corpse

Charles J. Reid was a bright young man with a promising future in 1872. He was unmarried and still resided at home with his family in Xenia, Ohio. On that particular August morning, his parents, two sisters, and a visiting cousin waited on him at the breakfast table.

Charles he walked in the room, but everyone noticed he wasn’t himself. He was far too quiet and acted strange. He crossed the room towards his place at the table, but fell to the floor. Mr. Reid sent the cousin to fetch the doctor while he tried to resuscitate his son. The emotional family carried him to his bedroom. They continued to check his body, but it soon became clear that he wasn’t coming back.

The family wept as they pulled the sheet across Charles’s body. They waited out in the hall for the family physician. They escorted him into the room to examine the body as soon as he arrived. Everyone entered the room with the doctor. The young man’s body still lay covered, as Mr. Reid had left it.

The doctor pulled the sheet back, but the body was gone. The family grew hysterical with several members on the verge of fainting. He made them step outside the young man’s bedroom to calm. When the emotions had somewhat cooled, the doctor went about examining the room. The sheet no longer showed the form of a body underneath, just crumpled fabric.

His first thoughts were that Reid had somehow fled the room, but everyone had been standing there. The window in his bedroom was locked from the inside. The doctor even examined the ground outside the home for footprints, but found nothing.

There wasn’t even an inquest held in the case, because there was no body and no suspicion of crime. Charles Reid, as well as his body, was never seen again.


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