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Willow Church
A ghost in the churchyard.

There is only the foundation left of Willow Church in Northeastern Tennessee. This was a slave church during the era of the Civil War.

During the war, the Union Army approached their homes and a group fled to the safety of the church and locked themselves in. The army eventually surrounded the church and they wouldn’t let them in. In response to the impasse, the soldiers torched the church and all who hid inside.

Several years later, they attempted to rebuild the structure. Sadly, this building burned to the ground shortly after, no reason was ever found. Construction stopped completely and the place was returned to nature.

Decades later, a man was walking on a near-by road and noticed the remains. He wondered over to where the church had once stood. A ball of fire rose towards the sky that emitted countless screams and prayers of people in abject agony.

The man fled and never knew what happened at the old church, or why it happened. Much later on in his life, he discovered he had ancestors who fought with the Union.

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