Agatha and Drusilla were born as all normal girls are. They grew up in a typical home nestled within the rural Appalachian Mountains. However, these girls’ normality was short-lived.

Upon reaching adulthood, they became twisted, deviated from the standard they knew growing up. They were notorious for their deception and treachery.

Agatha married and the union was doomed from the start. No one knew the reasons behind the changes for the sisters, but everyone could see it. Drusilla remained a spinster, helping her sister with her new family.

Agatha became mad. Her cruelty was such that her husband and children left together. Like a faithful little sister, Drusilla remained behind.

They say old Agatha practiced witchcraft, but as no one could get close to she or Drusilla, that fact remains mere speculation.

The evil exhibited by the two sisters was such that they were caught “running” with wild dogsā€¦ the sisters had resorted to intimate relations with beasts of the mountain.

It wasn’t long before they reaped the devastation they had sown. Agatha was torn to shreds by the wild beasts she thought she’d known. Drusilla became despondent and hung herself within hours.

Local residents refused to bury them in a cemetery for fear it would poison the ground. The sisters’ graves today are unknown, but there are many spots it is believed they were interred. Passers-by avoid the area because they can’t take the sudden screaming that will erupt without warning. Visitors have also reported ghostly vehicles and carriages approaching the cemetery. Local legends claim that visitors who listen can hear the evil spirits of the sisters beating against their coffin lids, trying to get out.

This legend hails from rural Southwestern Virginia.

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