The Legend of the Big Stone Gap Vampire

My favorite modern vampire, "Viktor," from the Underworld franchise.
My favorite modern vampire, “Viktor,” from the Underworld franchise.

Vampire lore is one of the most popular forms of folklore and its reach spans the globe. Here’s a tale of ghoulish proportions that was supposed to have taken place in the small town of Big Stone Gap.


The Folklore:

In the 1890s, a European named Rupp moved to Big Stone Gap, Virginia. He was a reclusive individual who never had any interest in being a part of the community. He remained secluded in a tiny cabin in the woods as time went on. Soon, locals began to notice that people were disappearing around the area and at alarming rates. A number of animal carcasses also turned up drained of blood. Eventually, a popular traveling salesman made his regular trip through the area, but his body was found drained of blood.

Eventually, suspicion fell on Rupp. The people and animals that disappeared always seemed to be within the vicinity of his place. A group of curious men decided to pay Rupp an unexpected visit.

Rupp was out when they arrived, but they had to see things for themselves. The windows were grimy and difficult to see through. One of the group gently nudged the door open. A number of human body parts was scattered around the cabin’s interior. His table and counters were bloody.

Rupp was never seen again, but his ghost haunts the woods around his tiny cabin. Animals and humans are still known to disappear in the area, even today.


The Facts:

Sadly, the truth behind the matter isn’t so sensational.

Big Stone Gap actually had a sizable newspaper, which began formal publication in 1892. The Big Stone Gap Post actually had its first issue published in 1890. There is no mention of anyone named “Rupp” or any of these events in the area. There were plenty of disappearances, but most were due to human misdeeds.


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