RIP Old Hell
RIP “Old Hell”

There is a legend from Eastern Tennessee, that of “Old Tom.”

Tom was said to be a lady’s man during the roaring 1920s. During the time, even in Appalachian regions, “speakeasys” and bootlegging were common. Tom lived an exciting life, filled with women and drink, however, he had standards. Tom adamantly refused to ever date a married woman. Ever.

One day, Tom met his match. The beauty that turned his head also won his heart and before he knew it, he was in love with her. Her name was lost to time, but for the purpose of the story, we’ll call her Betty. Betty never told Tom she was married, she always said she was single and Tom didn’t find out until it was too late.

Betty’s jealous husband caught them at the local lovers’ lane. He stabbed Betty as she sat in Tom’s car and dragged his body into the open, where he proceeded to skin him alive.

She fled and got help while he focused on Tom, but by the time help came, Tom’s body was gone. The husband was convicted ans sentenced to prison, Betty survived, but it is argued if she ever fully recovered. Now, it is believed in this same region, Tom still frequents remote “lover’s lane,” spots and turns his wrath on women as often as he can.

He’s supposed to appear normal from a distance, in original garb with an open shirt, but close up, his heart visibly beats in his chest and his body is skeletal.


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