The Sybert Witch and a Bouncing Bed

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Poltergeists and "Witches"

Reports flooded national headlines in December of 1938. The Sybert family lived along Wallen’s Creek in Powell Mountain. Their 3-room cabin was located in Lee County, Virginia. Their situation even baffled two esteemed psychologists from the University of Tennessee. The family reported scratching noises had started the previous month. The noise escalated into a bumping […]

The Witch Bride

A wealthy bachelor named McKim owned a gristmill and much prosperous farming land in Virginia. His wealth made him very influential and citizens from the town all respected him. He was generous and kind, hosting many dinners and society events at his home. The parties he threw were lavish and enjoyed by all. McKim was […]

Waverley Hills Sanatorium

Does it really have a “body chute?” Did 100,000 people die in this hospital? Questions are plentiful when it comes to the Waverley Hills Sanatorium, but the urban legends are more colorful than the history. Many paranormal shows on television have covered the infamous Waverly Hills. It has been featured 3 times on Syfy’s Ghost […]

Brown Mountain Lights: Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina

The Brown Mountain Lights in North Carolina have fascinated visitors for decades. The history of the lights can be traced, through the Cherokee, as far back as 1200 A.D. They have been described as everything from Native American maidens searching for their husbands who had died in battle to wives of Civil War soldiers searching […]

The Haunted Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

I thought this would be an interesting addition to the blog: The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum has been deemed as the most haunted hospital in America. This particular hospital has also been referred to as “Weston State Hospital” in the past. Located in the vast country area of Weston, West Virginia this structure housed individuals who […]

The Phantom Fiddler

The phantom fiddler is pretty common in American folklore, depending upon which region you’re researching. Here is a growing collection of “phantom fiddler” lore and legend.   The Phantom Fiddler of Johnson County, Tennessee Years ago, in Johnson County, Tennessee, there was an expert fiddle player named Martin Stone. The majority of the people in […]

Song of the Forest Siren

There is a legend in certain Southern Appalachian forests of a sinister lady who lives in remote locations. Sure lures people, particularly men, to come and look for her with a beautiful song. When the unsuspecting individual arrives where she is, they are driven mad. Does this entity hail from Greece? Believe it or not, […]

The Warlock House

There is an old house in a rural portion of Northeastern Tennessee. The manor house was once owned by a recluse, no one really knew him and he maintained his privacy. Gossips and tall tales revolved around him and the locals eventually began to call him a “warlock,” just because of his behavior. His house […]

Two Brothers

One story from the Appalachian Mountains concerns two bothers, Brahm and Beau. All through their life, they fought, as many brothers do. Brahm grew up tall and strong, but Beau didn’t inherit the same traits. While Brahm became a strapping young man, Beau remained frail and small. They continued wrestling through life, but no matter […]

Willow Church

There is only the foundation left of Willow Church in Northeastern Tennessee. This was a slave church during the era of the Civil War. During the war, the Union Army approached their homes and a group fled to the safety of the church and locked themselves in. The army eventually surrounded the church and they […]

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