Burton Hensley was an out-of-state peddler when he arrived in the blossoming town of Bristol, Virginia. He was not a great success, but adequately provided for himself. The locals told Burton of a great mansion just about ten miles away. They suggested he travel there and speak with the landowner.Continue Reading

The Adkins family had been known for decades by the 1920s. They were fine, upstanding people with a name for honesty and hard work. Elishabeth was the family’s eldest daughter. Her beauty was rivaled by none in the area. Elishabeth loved a near-by farmer’s son, Jacob. He was successful and,Continue Reading

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This home, near Jamestown, Virginia, is also known as the “Randolph family mansion.” Most of the world, however, knows it as “Tuckahoe.” This home has a lengthy history of legend and haunting. The legend and lore behind it has been discussed for centuries. The house’s origins remain debatable because ofContinue Reading