Appalachian Riddle #1: The Marble Hall

There are many stigmas revolving around the Appalachian portions of our nation, however they are just that, stigmas. Here is a traditional Appalachian riddle: In marble halls, white as milk Lined with a skin as soft as silk Within a fountain crystal-clear A golden apple doth appear No doors are to this stronghold Yet, thieves break in and steal the gold.

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“Wither” Now Out!

Wither follows Phillip Moore, who is the world’s most successful skeptic. He’s made it a personal mission to debunk the paranormal world and it has paid of handsomely. With millions of books sold and a global following, he has had his choice of locations to expose during his career.

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The Black Gash Now Out!

The paranormal thriller The Black Gash is now available at Smashwords and soon to be available at Amazon and B&N. Here’s the synopsis and the link: Ash volunteered for the courthouse reorganization to gain a few credits for college, he’s an ambitious future attorney who anticipates a fascinating season of studying courtroom proceedings and practices.

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