Arcane Miscellany

Arcane Miscellany are tidbits of strange, bizarre and morbidly compelling information gleaned from years of research through a variety of antiquated books. This is a growing collection that will continually be expanded as info is published.

  • Spiegelschrift– In automatic writing, this is writing backwards and should be read by reading in a mirror.
  • Dr. John Dee– A notable mystic in 1527. Dee had a mirror of black, polished stone he carried with him. The piece was pear-shaped.
  • In the Middle Ages, you could be cured of all ills by a substance called “Sympathy Powder.”
  • Lord Bacon swore that a substance called “Planet Seal” brought the best luck. No one ever discovered what that was.
  • In Heraldry, the image of a bloody hand on armor meant an ancestor of the individual wearing it had murdered.
  • Phylacteries– Charms or amulets containing tiny scrolls with biblical scripture written on them.
  • Sakhar– A devil who attempted to steal King Solomon’s signet ring.
  • Orion– A friendly giant who cleared an island that was filled with ferocious wild beasts.
  • Pacolet– This dwarf had an enchanted wooden horse with him all the time.
  • Lernean Hydra– A monstrous water-serpent of old.
  • Abyssum– An herb used in the Middle Ages to exorcise a haunted house. It is only effective if it is signed with the sign of the cross and hung in the four corners of the house.
  • Astites or Aqullaeus- A precious stone with magical properties. Said to come from the esophagus of an eagle. Supposed to heal epilepsy and prevent miscarriage. It was worn on the arm via a band.
  • Ag– A red flower used in Hindustan to decorate idols.
  • Agapis– Yellow stone believed to promote love or charity. It was also believed to cure stings and venomous bites.
  • Agiaophotis– An herb from the Arabian deserts believed to be used to invoke demons.
  • Air Assisting Ghost to become Visible– The belief that ghosts were invisible until wrapped in air.
  • Aleahest– The universal solvent in alchemy.
  • Alectorius– A rare stone that’s usually about the size of a bean. It is clear as crystal, although sometimes can have veins the color of flesh. Legend said it came from a rooster’s stomach. It makes its owner fearless and brave, and also brings fortune and prestige. It makes men irresistible to woman and regain lost kingdoms, and acquire new ones.
  • Alfridarya– Similar to astrology.

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