Arcane Miscellany

Arcane Miscellany are tidbits of strange, bizarre and morbidly compelling information gleaned from years of research through a variety of antiquated books. This is a growing collection that will continually be expanded as info is published.

  • Aldabert- A pseudo-mystic of 8th Century France.
  • Colloquy of the Ancients– A collection of Ossianic [relating to Irish legend Ossian, hero and bard of the 3rd Century A.D.] legends.
  • Hazel Tree- This tree was dedicated to Thor and was known to cure fevers.
  • Robin Goodfellow- English domesticated fairy. A nocturnal creature most often benign, although many suppose he leads men astray at night.
  • Kosh- A wicked fiend of the forest in the Congo area.
  • Kyphl- An Egyptian aromatic believed to heal, created from 16 different materials.
  • Spiegelschrift- In automatic writing, this is writing backwards and should be read by reading in a mirror.
  • Eil Kenie (Several variations used in English language) – Traditional substance used by Arabic peoples centuries ago. This black substance was applied around the eye area. It was believed to offer the wearer the gift of cat’s sight.
  • Dr. John Dee- A notable mystic in 1527. Dee had a mirror of black, polished stone he carried with him. The piece was pear-shaped.
  • The potters, iron workers, of Abyssinia (modern day Ethiopia) were believed to have both the power of the evil eye and the werewolf.
  • Ancient Bretons wore glass rings to ward off evil.
  • In Celtic lore, you were called a “fey” if you felt unnaturally happy, without reason. You were also destined to have bad luck.
  • In the Middle Ages, you could be cured of all ills by a substance called “Sympathy Powder.”
  • Lord Bacon swore a substance called “Planet Seal” would bring the best luck. No one ever discovered what that was.
  • The Augustinian Crucifix– At the start of the Seventeenth Century, a group of Augustinian monks discovered a mystical crucifix on the beach near Burgos, Spain. The miraculous piece was washed ashore along with a parchment detailing how to use its powers.
  • In Heraldry, the image of a bloody hand on armor meant an ancestor of the individual wearing it had murdered.
  • Phylacteries- Charms or amulets containing tiny scrolls with biblical scripture written on them.
  • Magan- Hebrew word for Talisman.
  • Sakhar- A devil who attempted to steal King Solomon’s signet ring.
  • Hand of Glory- This is the term for the severed hand of a hanged criminal. It was used centuries ago, often in England, to aid in burglary. Users believed the presence of a Hand of Glory would freeze those in the structure and let them steal without being discovered.
  • Aztecs had a form of “holy water.” They wore it as a charm.
  • Caligorant- This Egyptian giant cannibal ensnared unsuspected travelers with an invisible net.
  • Orion- A friendly giant who cleared an island that was filled with ferocious wild beasts.
  • Pacolet- This dwarf had an enchanted wooden horse with him all the time.
  • Lernean Hydra- A monstrous water-serpent of old.
  • A cyclone visited Paris in 945 A.D. It was said that monsters dropped from the sky and they all carried battle-axes. They rushed the church and destroyed the pulpit, then used the parts as battering rams on the neighboring houses.

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