The Hebrew peoples, later called Jews, remain one of the most culturally established groups in the world. Their customs and practices reach back across millennia, and continue to retain their mystique.


  • Magan– Hebrew word for “Talisman.”
  • The Book of Jasher states that Moses’ original house filled with light upon his birth.
  • Ahazu– A Semitic demon, also called “The Seizer.”
  • Akiba– Jewish rabbi and conjurer from the first century.
  • Alpiel– Any angel or demon who presides over fruit-trees, according to the Talmud.
  • Alu-Demon– A demon that was once human. The creature hides until night, when it comes forth to terrorize people.
  • Mardochee d’Aquin– Rabbi of Carpentras, France. He converted to Christianity, changed his name to Philip, and wrote Interpretation of the Tree of the Hebrew Kabala.
  • Thomas Aquinas– A profound scholar and logician during the 1600s. He was canonized after his death.
  • Ardat-Lile– A Semitic female spirit or demon who manipulates human to marry and creates as much difficulty as possible in all homes.
  • Anpiel– An angel charged over the natural animal world.
  • Arael– Rabbis in the Talmud made these spirits princes and governors over the people of the birds.
  • Arariel (or Azariel)– An angel who takes charge of the waters of the earth, according to the Talmud.
  • David Alroy– This Jewish magician was also known as David Alruy, from Iraq. Alroy was born in the 1100s, and claimed to be a direct descendent of King David. He claimed he was the Messiah. He is mentioned in Voyages, by the world-traveling “Benjamin of Tudela.”
  • Bahir– Mystical treatise of the 12th or 13th Authored by a French rabbi named Isaac ban Abraham, or “Isaac the Blind.”
  • Bar-Lgura– A Semitic demon that sits upon houses poised to attack the occupants. Persons afflicted were called “D’baregara.”
  • Avenar– An astrologer who promised the Jewish people that their Messiah would arrive in 1444, or at the latest, 1464.
  • Azael– A fallen angel who revolted against God. Legend claims he’s chained upon sharp stones in the middle of a vast desert, awaiting the last judgment.
  • The “water of jealousy” was given to women suspected of adultery. It was believed no adulteress could partake without bursting into flames.
  • The devil will flee if you sound a consecrated horn.
  • Masleh– The angel who ruled the Zodiac in one of the rabbinical legends.
  • Mishna– a compilation of Hebrew traditions written about the end of the Second Century. Its author was believed to be a Rabbi from Galilee.
  • Alpiel– A spirit, mentioned in the Talmud, who guards fruit trees.
  • Alu– A demon who came from a human. He hides in darkness, and terrorizes people in the streets and in their homes.
  • Arael– A spirit mentioned in the Talmud. It made birds the princes and governors over the people.
  • Ardat-Lile– a female spirit or demon who marries humans and destroys them, as well as their families.
  • Azazel– a demon of the Second Order, who is the guardian of the goat.
  • Benemmerinnen– Witches who haunt pregnant women in order to steal their newborns.




  • Agia– a word used by rabbis to help exorcise evil spirits. It is made from the first letters of the Hebrew phrase, “Athah gaobr leolam, Adonai,” which mmeans, “Thou art powerful and eternal, Lord.” Christians used the term frequently into the 1500s.




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