Egypt has a notable place in world history. It is perhaps the only civilization of its kind to have developed such a strong culture and knowledge so quickly. Ancient Egypt is known for tremendous feats in architecture, as well as medicine, the arts, and science.




  • Aldinach- A demon who presides over natural disasters. He also has the power to topple and sink ships. When he appears to humans, he usually chose a woman’s form.
  • Kyphl- Egyptian aromatic believed to heal, created from 16 different materials.
  • Caligorant- This Egyptian giant cannibal ensnared unsuspected travelers with an invisible net.
  • Book of Overthrowing of Apepi– An ancient work on much of the funerary papyrus of Nesi-Amsu. It deals with the battle between Ra and Apepi, the great serpent. Some of this work is believed to be borrowed from the Book of the Dead.
  • Arnuphis- Sorcerer who saw that Marcus Aurelius and his army were trapped in a pass, and dying of dehydration. He caused a downpour to fall. The Romans were saved, and went on to force their enemy to surrender.
  • Ankh- Symbol of life in ancient Egypt.
  • Ba- The conception of the soul. It was believed a man-headed bird departed the body after death and flew to the gods.
  • Maat Kheru- the Egyptian name for the true intonation recited by the dead, if they wanted power in Amenti, or Egyptian Hades.
  • Cup Divination was practiced in Egypt. The Egyptians used small pieces of gold and silver, as well as gems engraved with symbols. They invoked infernal powers to answer their questions by raising these items to the surface of the liquid in the cup.
  • Carrying the heart of a horned owl into battle will guarantee tremendous valor.
  • Egyptian priests could send crocodiles into a paralyzed stupor through one touch of the wing of their holy bird.
  • Agathodemon- A benevolent demon, with a snake’s body and a human head. There were also dragons, or flying serpents, called the same name. Agathodemon means, “good genie.”
  • Egyptians held amulets for most parts of life. Every part of the body had a sacred corresponding amulet.
  • Belial- this infernal figure was said to be a direct descendent of Set.
  • The Book of the Dead- Egyptian funery work. The title is actually, “Peri em Hru,” which has been translated to either Coming Forth by Day or Manifested in the Light. Around two hundred chapters exist, but no complete volume containing all books has been found. It is a guidebook for working with corpses.


Thebaid or Thebais (southern Egypt)

This region was once believed to be the home of the greatest magicians on earth.

  • Hashishin- a group known for assassinating any enemies of the sect. The organization was founded upon the Western Lodge, Cairo, and the leader was Sheik-Al-Gebel, or “Old Man of the Mountain.”


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