Aliases: Demon Tailor, Werewolf of Chalons
Country: France
Born: ? – Died: December 14, 1598
Victims: ?

The Tailor of Chalons, or Châlons, was one of several individuals who helped nurture lycanthropy panic in Europe. He was credited with being a werewolf because his crimes were so heinous as to devastate his judges, as well as all of French Parliament.

He lured children into his shop on occasion. He also encountered many of his victims while they wandered in the woods. He killed them by repeated biting or physically tearing the bodies apart. Once they were dead, he butchered the flesh and cooked it in dishes, just as any other meat. His victim count remains unknown, but investigators at the time discovered an entire cask filled with the bones of his victims.

The tailor was not remorseful or bothered by the magnitude of his crimes. He addressed Parliament with no hesitation or regret. He gave full details of his activities, which included violation and molestation of all kinds against the children he murdered.

The judges were stunned, not only by the crimes, but also by his lackadaisical admissions. Paris parliament sentenced him to the stake, where he was burned on December 14, 1598. The punishment didn’t stop there. The authorities felt he was so evil and his life so vile they ordered all court documents and legal papers regarding his trial to be burned with him. His name was erased from history.

A variety of accounts of this story across the internet feature embellished details, but the full details of the trial and proceedings are lost to time. It’s that simple. What is presented here is all that can be verified. There are no records of his behavior after the trial, how he acted on his way to the stake or the names of his victims. This should be a given, as all records of him were burned the day he died. A history that doesn’t even recall his name certainly won’t provide full details of justice.

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