This room was in “#17,” a house on Longcroft Road, in England. The old story never distinguished the precise location of Longcroft Road. The most likely area is Chase Woods. It is unknown if the house exists today as no further information can be found. Most of the information on its activity comes from around the turn of the Twentieth Century.

The house contained a drawing room with a highly active history, in regard to the paranormal. The door handles spun continually each time the activity started. Phantom figures walked through walls, as if their path followed a drastically different course than the structure of the house. The fireplace frequently issued a deep blue flame. Some occupants reported the rustle of silken skirts and dresses of long before.

One of the strangest aspects of the haunting was the lack of reason. No deaths or unusual circumstances were reported in the household. There was mention that a butler committed suicide many years before, his name was completely forgotten even then. It was also mentioned he committed the act in the basement, not the drawing room. Ironically, no real activity was ever reported in the basement.

Despite the room’s prominence in the house, sunlight never entered the windows. The room was known for maintaining a frigid temperature, no matter how the room was heated.

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