Rosemary’s Baby was one of the most successful films for Roman Polanski. It also placed him in the crosshairs of many terrible events that ignited rumors of a curse. The movie was based on the novel, of the same name, by Ira Levine. The movie follows a seemingly normal couple as they move into a new apartment building and it’s eventually revealed that they’re surrounded by Satanists. Many scenes were shot around a famous hotel called, “The Dakota.”

Polanski is a notorious figure, without any added suspicions relating to a, “curse.” He was convicted of molesting a 13-year-old girl in 1978. He plea bargained and served time in prison. He was released earlier than the judge wished, so the judge tried to bring him back for further sentencing. Polanski then fled America.

It should be stated that Polanski is/was not a Satanist and had no dealings with the Manson family. Likewise, Anton LaVey had no input on the film, the costumes, or the script. It’s also little known that Polanski is a Holocaust survivor whose parents were both sent to concentration camps. His father survived, but his mother was killed.

The movie’s composer, Kryzystof Komeda, died from an accidental fall just after production. William Castle, noted director of the era, disliked working with Roman Polanski. Castle was hit with a severe gallstone attack during filming that would continue to plague him until he had surgery.

Mia Farrow, who played the lead “Rosemary,” was served with divorce papers while filming.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for the lore behind the movie. Roman Polanski’s wife was Sharon Tate. About a year and a half after the movie, he bought her a beautiful house in the Hollywood Hills. She was 8 months pregnant at the time.

The follows of Charles Manson, called the “Manson Family,” broke in one night, in 1968, and butchered Tate and 4 other guests in the house. Polanski was away on business that night. The murderous group called the attack, “Helter Skelter,” after the Beatles’s song. Polanski’s wife was stabbed 16 times and he stated his biggest regret in life was not being there with her. One of the least discussed, yet horrible coincidence of the legend is that, in the movie, Mia Farrow’s baby is taken by an evil cult of people. The same has been said of Polanski.

John Lennon was a guest at The Dakota in 1980. He was murdered just outside the hotel building.


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