Twin Peaks fans will know this term well. As a matter of fact, the series (and related movies) involved a place known as, “The Red Room,” which was part of an evil realm called, “The Black Lodge.” The current legends actually have nothing to do with the series.

This is a virtual urban legend that has circulated the internet for some time. The Asian lore stemmed from a small animated flash movie released online called, “The Red Room.”

In the video, an average computer user is stricken with a red pop-up on their computer screen. No matter how they attempt to close the box, it reappears. A strange (usually a child’s) voice says, “Do you like the red room.” Even if the user interrupts the audio, the box reappears and says it. A list of names come up and the current user’s name is found at the bottom.

Then, the user is found dead, the room is drenched in their blood. Feeling brave? The video is found here. Be advised it’s entirely in Japanese.

More information can be found here.

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