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The Bermuda Triangle is near the Caribbean, off the coast of Florida. Records of strange events there are supposed to go back to the time of Christopher Columbus. More formal documentation begins in 1800 when the USS Pickering disappeared.

The real attention towards the Triangle came during World War 2. In 1945, Flight 19, a squad of 5 US Navy Bombers completely disappeared. A Martin Mariner rescue sea plane was immediately dispatched to bring back victims. The rescue plane disappeared as well.

The general layout for the Bermuda Triangle starts around Miami in Florida. It drops to below Puerto Rico and rises to Bermuda.

Within a few hours, six aircraft had vanished. One of the largest searches conducted at sea quickly ensued, but no trace of any plane was ever found. Current statistics state around 100 disappearances occur annually in the Triangle.

Here is a list of some of the ships and planes reported to have been lost or crew disappeared. Whenever possible, details are provided.

  • Bella- British ship- 1854
  • Lotta- Swedish barque- 1866
  • Viego- Spanish merchant ship- 1868
  • Mary Celeste- Was supposed to simply carry lumber to Cuba, ship was found in Gulf of Mexico, crew vanished- 1872
  • Atalanta- British training ship with 290 cadets plus crew- 1880.
  • Miramon- Italian schooner- 1884
  • Freya- German barque- found without crew- 1902
  • Cyclops- large collier- crew of 300- 1918
  • Anglo-Australian- 1938
  • Gloria Colita- crew disappeared- 1940
  • Douglas DC-3- plane- 1948
  • Star Tiger- 1948
  • Sandra- Costa Rica freighter- 1950
  • Connemara IV- yacht- 1955
  • Revonoc- Harvey Conover, millionaire publisher, owned this racing yawl- 1958
  • SS Marine Sulpher Queen- 1963
  • Anita- Norwegian freighter- 1973
  • Saba Bank- yacht- 1974

Reasons for these disappearances are diverse, ranging from inter-dimensional portals, to time “vortexes,” all the way to UFOs. There has been discussion it is cursed, paranormally active, and a host of other theories.

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