No mention of werewolves would be complete without a mention of Montague Summers, werewolf hunter extraordinaire, or his predacessor Sabine Baring-Gould.

For the record, werewolves are most known for unbridled cruelty, bestial ferocity, and ravening hunger. History states a werewolf has: 1. The awareness of a human. 2. The ferocity of a wolf. 3. The strength of a demon.

History suggests that “evening wolves” were demons to lure men into vice or sin. The devil has been titled the, “wolf of hell.” In Latin, here are these tidbits:

  • Lupa- She-wolf
  • Lupana- Woman of the Evening
  • Lupanaraum- A brothel
  • Lycanthrope- A shapeshifter

In 1699- Ireland’s nickname became, “wolfland.” The Irish Wolfhound was bred to kill the vicious wolves (or werewolves?) roaming the country.

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