Month: April 2011

Flawed Fiction

As a reader, perhaps one of my biggest non-grammatical complaints of contemporary commercial fiction is the incorporation of bigotry and degradation by way of stereotypes that are apparently accepted by the author. This entry will be lengthy, so please bear with me. It never ceases to amaze me how so many authors, instead of being grateful to their reader, or even showing the slightest amount of appreciation that the reader has supported them, the author throws around derogatory insults against entire factions of society as if it were proper.

Horror from the East… Part 2

This is the second installment on the article series that explores the trend of Asian horror and how it affected the horror industry overall. What can Western writers and authors learn from the new wave of interest in horror from the East? What are other aspects of horror we can learn?

Learning Horror from the East

The horror genre in America has plummeted in popularity in the previous decades. Sadly, the genre’s popularity has seen much hardship since the 1970s. America used to be the leader in the world when it came to horror cinema and fiction, but it seems today that you are more likely to find a foreign film that will be more frightening and more suspenseful than anything American.

All I Need to Know About Writing… I Learn from the X-Files?

The X-Files was an incredibly popular television series and fans are still attending movies when they reach the box office. Despite the program’s errors, what can writers learn from the techniques used? I’m creating a series that explores various items that transcend film and fiction.

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