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Haunted Highways in the West

If your courier jobs take you on late night drives down the highway in certain states (like the Four Corners) you’re lucky if you’ve never had any creepy incidents occur. There are stories of people on courier jobs from way back in the days of the Pony express and horse-drawn carriages, encountering ghostly apparitions and evil manifestations to hamper those trying to make an honest living doing deliveries. Highway 666 This highway, said to be the most haunted area in the region known as the Four Corners, covering Arizona, New Mexico, California and Utah, has an unusual record of strange accidents.

The Phantom Fiddler 0

The Phantom Fiddler

The phantom fiddler is pretty common in American folklore, depending upon which region you’re researching. Here is a growing collection of “phantom fiddler” lore and legend. The Phantom Fiddler of Johnson County, Tennessee Years ago, in Johnson County, Tennessee, there was an expert fiddle player named Martin Stone.

The Warlock House 2

The Warlock House

There is an old house in a rural portion of Northeastern Tennessee. The manor house was once owned by a recluse, no one really knew him and he maintained his privacy. Gossips and tall tales revolved around him and the locals eventually began to call him a “warlock,” just because of his behavior.

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