Castle Lamier

A massive stone castle once stood in Florida. It was deemed the “House of Tragedy.” This virtual Hill House stood for a hundred years, and might still be standing, if anyone could’ve resided within its walls.

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The Higgins Haunting

Sarah and Samuel Higgins had three beautiful children in Killingworth, Connecticut. Some accounts place the event in the 1770s, while others place the tragedy much farther ahead in the 1870s. In several accounts, Samuel’s name is listed as “Horace.

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The Titanic Conclusion

As the Titanic fades off into the past, its light remains strong and steady. The great ship won’t let us forget who she was and why she existed. So many stories ring continuously through our minds… Molly Brown quips about going out and retrieving ice on the deck for her late-night drink as the iceberg passes by the first class bar.

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