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A Titanic Legacy

Further advancements were set in place with regard to marine protocol after the tragedy. International Ice Patrols (ICPs) now constantly monitor the north Atlantic for icebergs. Of course, modern-day ship communications operate via computer systems, so reporting danger is quicker and much more efficient than at the time of the Titanic.


The Titanic: a Century’s Struggle to Learn the Truth

Whether rational or not, Titanic has attained legendary status and stands out from other ships and shipwrecks. The sole reason, if there is one, isn’t certain, but a continuously growing community of experts and enthusiasts holds Titanic in its collective heart and keeps her stories as fresh and alive as they were a century ago. What more can be said about the ship and those aboard?


The Crossroads of the Corpse Road

There is a wealth of fascinating lore surrounding something as simple as an intersection, or “crossroads.” This commonplace fixture of our landscape was once held as a mystical place where dark and infernal forces conspired. In much of Britain and throughout Europe, the crossroads were feared at a variety of periods in time.


The Female Stranger

Alexandria was a bustling harbor for shipping and trading after the Revolutionary War. One day a large schooner sailed into this Virginia port, owned by an Alexandria merchant named John Dean. The ship carried rum and sugar as its cargo, as well as a handsome, wealthy couple when it entered port on July 25, 1815.

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