Ciphering the Bell Witch

The “Bell Witch” is a famous haunting that hails from Adams, Tennessee. It has been the subject of poems, stories, novels, and films throughout the Twentieth Century. The earliest know work was a poem called “The Trials of Betsy Bell.

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Katherine Grady (d. 1654)

Katherine Grady was on her way to the new world when disaster hit in 1654. She was on a ship bound for a Virginia port when a storm came. It was fierce and didn’t seem to have an end, the ship was caught in the middle.

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The Bell Witch of Adams, Tennessee

There is the remnants of a farm near Adams, Tennessee. The Bell Farm was home to John Bell in family in the early 1800s, and that’s where the story begins. In recent years, the movie titled, “An American Haunting,” was supposed to offer a speculative account of what happened with the Bell family during that time.

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