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The Kennedy Curse

The media-deemed “America’s Royal Family” has long been known for wealth, privilege, and political power. Among the like-minded, it’s also known for power abuses, corruption, substance abuse, and mental illness. Is the Kennedy family really cursed?


The Curse of Chirikof Island

Chirikof Island is around 80 miles southwest of Kodiak in Alaska. The island has a long history of rumor and legend, although it’s difficult to substantiate much of the lore. The island was first sighted by Russian sea captain Alexei Chirikov in 1741, but wasn’t named after him until 1794.


Did Amen-Rah Sink the Titanic?

The legend of Egyptian Priestess Amen-Rah was a global story that thrilled audiences everywhere during the Victorian and Edwardian periods and even in the proceeding decades. One notable urban legend is still in circulation, where this cursed piece was responsible for sinking the Titanic. So, did the Egyptian noble have any actual influence on the sinking?


The Female Stranger

Alexandria was a bustling harbor for shipping and trading after the Revolutionary War. One day a large schooner sailed into this Virginia port, owned by an Alexandria merchant named John Dean. The ship carried rum and sugar as its cargo, as well as a handsome, wealthy couple when it entered port on July 25, 1815.

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