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The Sultan’s Palace

The Sultan’s Palace is a little discussed New Orleans structure is today. Also known as the Gardette-LaPrete House, this home in the French Quarter was owned by the Le Prete family through the Nineteenth Century. Since this was merely a second home for the family, they did not use it often.

The Bell Witch of Adams, Tennessee 0

The Bell Witch of Adams, Tennessee

There is the remnants of a farm near Adams, Tennessee. The Bell Farm was home to John Bell in family in the early 1800s, and that’s where the story begins. In recent years, the movie titled, “An American Haunting,” was supposed to offer a speculative account of what happened with the Bell family during that time.


The Christine Syndrome: Cars and Curses

Christine is both a film and novel chronicling a young man’s struggles with a car that has a life of its own. Stephen King is rumored to have written this novel based upon James Dean’s Porsche Spyder. But, what are the facts behind this tale of a cursed car?


Responsible Paranormal Investigation

This is an area which desperately needs attention today. While the field of paranormal investigation is far more popular than ever, there are generally some rules which proper groups follow (and all really should). I’m listing the ones I’ve came across first, but will post the general regulations from another site below.

Quest of the Red King- The Search for Werewolves 0

Quest of the Red King- The Search for Werewolves

No mention of werewolves would be complete without a mention of Montague Summers, werewolf hunter extraordinaire, or his predacessor Sabine Baring-Gould. For the record, werewolves are most known for unbridled cruelty, bestial ferocity, and ravening hunger. History states a werewolf has:

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