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The Fine Art of Murder

Many find it difficult to believe society’s fascination of the “murder mystery” is actually centuries old. Long before Agatha Christie or even Edgar Allan Poe, people were compelled to follow the latest murders or the most difficult mysteries. In Nineteenth Century London, many social groups regularly gathered to discuss popular murders.


Horror Fiction: The Incredible Shrinking Industry

Normally, posts on here are concerned with facts, however, every now and again, I will post some thoughts. I recently stumbled across an article discussing this topic. Horror is one of those fiction genres hardest hit in recent years with poor sales and shrinking markets.


Happy Halloween: Urban Legends

Now that Halloween is almost here, I’d like to add some bizarre content, proven to be true, that are known as “urban legends.” Have you ever felt the urge to look under your hotel bed? You might want to take a moment to prepare, as one couple did this on vacation and found a corpse under there.

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