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The Fleece Inn Tavern, Covent Garden, London

In the Covent Garden portion of London, a tavern once stood that gained a reputation for causing murder. It was a handsome brick structure that had a steady clientele, but also a steady stream of homicides. It was known to be popular in the 17th Century and many notable individuals patronized the business.


The Horrors of the Major Weir, the Bowhead Saint

Major Thomas Weir is a notable figure in English lore. His house sat empty for decades, long after he and his sister were executed. Neighbors reported a host of ghostly activity within the dark house.

The Warlock House 2

The Warlock House

There is an old house in a rural portion of Northeastern Tennessee. The manor house was once owned by a recluse, no one really knew him and he maintained his privacy. Gossips and tall tales revolved around him and the locals eventually began to call him a “warlock,” just because of his behavior.


The Winchester Mystery Mansion

This elaborate and bizarre estate is outside of San Jose in California. The home was constructed by Sarah Winchester, heiress to the Winchester arms fortune. It is a vivid and lasting example of how a grieving person can be manipulated.


The Sultan’s Palace

The Sultan’s Palace is a little discussed New Orleans structure is today. Also known as the Gardette-LaPrete House, this home in the French Quarter was owned by the Le Prete family through the Nineteenth Century. Since this was merely a second home for the family, they did not use it often.

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