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Unlucky Hannah of the Narragansett Pier

The Robinson family was a notable Rhode Island family in the 1800s. Rowland Robinson was the hardheaded patriarch and his daughter, Hannah, was just as strong-willed as he was. Unfortunately, Hannah was also involved in events that would leave her forever-branded “Unlucky Hannah.


The Ghosts of Ellis Island

When we hear the phrase “Ellis Island” we think of the historic gateway to America, the grand entrance for so many immigrants who wanted a life in the new world. What we aren’t familiar with is the colorful history of this iconic location in New York Harbor. Origins It was “Oyster Island” because the waters held countless oysters, a favorite of the Dutch settlers.


The Crossroads of the Corpse Road

There is a wealth of fascinating lore surrounding something as simple as an intersection, or “crossroads.” This commonplace fixture of our landscape was once held as a mystical place where dark and infernal forces conspired. In much of Britain and throughout Europe, the crossroads were feared at a variety of periods in time.

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