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The Phantom Fiddler 0

The Phantom Fiddler

The phantom fiddler is pretty common in American folklore, depending upon which region you’re researching. Here is a growing collection of “phantom fiddler” lore and legend. The Phantom Fiddler of Johnson County, Tennessee Years ago, in Johnson County, Tennessee, there was an expert fiddle player named Martin Stone.

The Phantom Hitchhiker 0

The Phantom Hitchhiker

The phantom hitchhiker is a familiar guest on countless American roads (not even counting the global reports). This is a growing collection of ghostly hitchhikers and the lore surrounding them. The Phantom Hitchhiker of Gap Creek, Tennessee The legend of the traveler goes back years ago on that bleak stretch of road.

Song of the Forest Siren 0

Song of the Forest Siren

There is a legend in certain Southern Appalachian forests of a sinister lady who lives in remote locations. Sure lures people, particularly men, to come and look for her with a beautiful song. When the unsuspecting individual arrives where she is, they are driven mad.


Real Vampires in America?

Long before the Twilight series, long before Interview with a Vampire and Salem’s Lot, there was once a deep-rooted fear in America. During the Nineteenth Century, rumors circulated, particularly in New England, about the surge of vampires. This is a growing collection of very real episodes of vampire panic in America.

The Warlock House 2

The Warlock House

There is an old house in a rural portion of Northeastern Tennessee. The manor house was once owned by a recluse, no one really knew him and he maintained his privacy. Gossips and tall tales revolved around him and the locals eventually began to call him a “warlock,” just because of his behavior.

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