The Kennedy Curse

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4 Responses

  1. Lori Phillips says:

    Wow, interesting article and great timeline. Love the quote by Maureen Callahan. There’s truth to what she says about entitled, reckless personalities but it doesn’t account for those assassinations, diseases, stillborn deaths, and some of the airplane crashes.

    Several curse theories include one that claims Joe Kennedy insulted someone who then placed a curse upon his family and another that points to JFK’s mistreatment of Israel and the resulting wrath of God. Inviting negative energy from others is never a good thing but I highly doubt that the Kennedys are cursed in those ways.

    Many who come to Earth in prominent or privileged positions make serious trade-offs on the spiritual plane. Some prefer to live grand and glorious but brief lives like shooting stars. Unfortunately, others still are affected by karma which does span generations and lifetimes which is my hunch about this family group.

    • admin says:

      Thanks, Lori! Glad you liked the article.

      There are probably more theories than we can imagine when it comes to the Kennedy family. My grandfather thought it was the Joe’s cruelty when he was running illegal liquor, and I can’t tell you why, but apparently he got many Allied troops in trouble during World War II.

      • Lori Phillips says:

        Many people do crappy stuff but don’t have immediate karmic payback so it’s highly unlikely that Joe’s wartime behavior would result in so many terrible things happening to his entire family. For example, those generals who ordered the mass killings didn’t have their posterity cursed to anything close to the Kennedy clan’s level of misfortune.

        It would be fascinating to read their Akashic Records but I’m cautioned against doing so just for the sake of satisfying my curiosity! Best I concentrate on my own life.

        It’s really seems coincidental but I’m working on one of my dream symbol dictionaries (the volume entitled, “Traumas and Tragedies” and the current entry I’m on: Cursed. Ha. Nothing is coincidental.

        • admin says:

          Well, you have to figure as well that none of the others involved in most of the war ever reached the “beloved” celebrity status the Kennedy family did. So, many could’ve had awful lives and no one ever thought to keep up with it. I think most families just go through periods of horrible luck, to put it simple. Old Ireland said they were “feys,” but I think it’s just a random pattern that hits families sometimes, for no reason. I’ve felt like a fey many, many times…lol. Anyways, we look for ways to justify it or rationalize it.

          It’s wonderful to hear from you. I feel like I’ve been on my VaCreeper site FOREVER. I think I’m making headway with it, though, so hopefully I can just go back and forth. Are you still with Bella?

          Let me know when your book gets done and I’ll announce it on here.

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