French Folklore and Myth




Legend and lore hailing from Francia, or what we know as France.



    • The Monster Cyclone visited Paris in 945 A.D. It was said that monsters dropped from the sky and they all carried battle-axes. They rushed the church and destroyed the pulpit, then used the parts as battering rams on the neighboring houses.
    • Aldabert– A pseudo-mystic of 8th Century France.
    • Francois Alary– French visionary who published The Prophecy of Count Bombaste in 1609.
    • Albertus Magnus- French alchemist, scientist, and prolific writer of the 13th Century. St. Thomas Acquinas was one of his pupils, and legend said he successfully created the philosopher’s stone. His work was still being published in the 1600s.
    • Alis de Telleux– French author who wrote about the spirit of Alis de Telieux, who haunted a monsteary. The work was published in the 1520s. 


      Jeannette Abadle- Confessed to witchcraft. She stated she was asleep in her father’s house one day when a demon carried her off to the Devil’s Sabbath. She saw the principal demon had two heads, like the mythical Janus. She refused to participate and was returned home. She renounced sorcery and was released.


Other French Curiosities:

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