Arabian Folkore and myth






Arabian nations will be properly divided as more information as published.


  • Eil Kenie- (Several spelling variations are used in the English language) – Traditional substance used by Arabic peoples centuries ago. This black substance was applied around the eye area. It was believed to offer the wearer the gift of cat’s sight.
  • Abdelazys– Arabian astrologer from around 1000 AD. He is better known by his Latin name, Alchabitius. His treatise on astrology was so popular it was translated into Latin and printed through the Sixteenth Century.
  • Aben-Ragel- Arabian astrologer, born in Cordova, Spain, around 5 AD. Legend said most of his predictions came to fruition.
  • Abou-Ryhan- Astrologer. His real name was Mohammed-ben-Ahmed. Legend said he could tell the future.
  • Achmet– Soothsayer of the 9th Century. He wrote a volume on the interpretation of dreams. The original book is lost, but Greek and Latin versions were printed as late as the 1600s.
  • Alchindus– Doctor from the 11th Century. Some also consider him to be a magician or superstitious writer. He used charmed words and figure combinations to cure his patients. He wrote a book titled, The Theory of the Magic Arts



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