Review: Fragile

The full title is Fragile: A Ghost Story. This English paranormal thriller is set in a desolate children’s hospital. Amy (Calista Flockheart) is the new night nurse who will help oversee the transition of the remaining children to another hospital. She also stars with Richard Roxburgh (Van Helsing, Moulin Rouge) as the night physician. Elena Anaya (Van Helsing, The Skin I Live In) co-stars as Amy’s friend Helen.

Amy arrives at the hospital after a tragedy that has left her psychologically devastated. Determined to move on, she is drawn to a terminally ill girl named Maggie, who she finds is also without family. Strange noises and bizarre “accidents” befall those in the hospital and it becomes clear the force living there is no mere myth. An evil will not let the children go without a battle.


Review: The atmosphere and setting serve as a wonderful foundation for the events. The movie is very English and may not be suited for general horror audiences, but it is a great story. Aside from some issues with dialogue and character reaction, it’s still a wonderfully entertaining film.

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