The Fleece Inn Tavern, Covent Garden, London

In the Covent Garden portion of London, a tavern once stood that gained a reputation for causing murder. It was a handsome brick structure that had a steady clientele, but also a steady stream of homicides.

It was known to be popular in the 17th Century and many notable individuals patronized the business. Today, many believe it was located at the corner of what were Brydges and York Streets, believed to be Catherine Street today.

The tavern witnessed a number of killings, including that of Sir John Goossall, who was murdered by fellow knight Sir Balendin in the 1600s. By 1692, the owner killed himself and the new owners decided to convert it into a private residence. The pub became particularly notorious after the days of Restoration. Brawls were frequent and, as a result, many were killed.

No further activity is known, but apparently, its ill reputation never left. Rumor stated the structure again became a tavern later on, because no one would live in the house.

It is believed to have become the Black Bear, which was demolished in 1820.




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