The Banshee “Pearlin’ Jean”

There is a line of Stuarts, from Allenbank, Scotland, that suffered with a banshee called “Pearlin’ Jean.” This tale used to be one of the most popular in England.

In life, Jean was a French mistress for a Stuart Lord. She was known for her elaborate clothing and fine jewelry. He lived with her in one of the family’s distant houses for a long time. The flame between them began to fade and Stuart’s interests went elsewhere. He decided to return to his wife and children on their estate.

He packed up and climbed in the carriage to leave. Jean ran outside to him, to beg he remain with her. Unfortunately, she climbed up to look in the window by placing her foot on a spoke of the rear wheel. Stuart knew this, however still commanded his driver to go on, knowing it would likely kill her. It did. She fell and the carriage wheel crushed her skull.

Stuart thought he was rid of her… until he arrived at the family home in Allanbank. Jean sat atop the arch that bridged the entrance gates. Her head and shoulders were drenched in blood.  From that point forward, she haunted his house in Allanbank and appeared just before the demise of a family member.



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