Support Your Local Asylum

Waverly Hills Sanatorium (Preserved)

One of the finest examples of American architecture and history is under assault on a daily basis. Across our nation, demolition teams, developers and other commercially-minded individuals see our old asylums as rubbish. Something to be destroyed and forgotten. Local historic groups are pushing against this razing of history, but more people need to be involved.

Asylums are staples in the dark fiction industry, true, and many are the scenes of terrible atrocities. But, most are gorgeous examples of what once was. There was a time, nearly a century ago, when these structures were state-of-the-art and utilized the finest in build and design. Long before budget cuts and fiscal tragedies, these places were indeed engineered to help the patient.

They also remain a glimpse into yesteryear. Once these structures are gone, there will be no more to replace them.  So contact your local historical society to see if there’s more you can do, not only to preserve our historic hospitals, but also historic structures of any kind.

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